About us

We specialize in the cutting and the marketing of cheeses intended for commercial catering centers and industry.


We work within a strict framework based on TRADITION, SERVICE, KNOW- HOW and  focus on QUALITY,  HEALTHY FOOD and INNOVATION.




Overview of each PDO


Turnover Evolution



Le Palais des Saveurs was created in 1993. The extension was made in 2006 and we developed a frozen foods division in 2009.

• Turnover : 20 million euros

• Tonnage : 2500 tons of fresh  and frozen foods

• Staff : 75 employees  spread over  3 sites :
- Head office : Aurillac (15)
- Commercial division : Nantes (44)
-Production division: Cuiseaux 571)


PACK SERVICE in Cuiseaux (71), for fresh products

FROST OF THE FLAVORS in Cuiseaux (71), for frozen products

• Commercial destination :