Using your LRQA Management System approval mark
with the UK National Accreditation Mark

Congratulations on your LRQA approval. To help you to make the most of your achievement, we would like to give you guidelines on how and when you can use your approval mark.
This mark shows that we have approved your company’s Management System under the terms set out under United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accreditation.

Using the mark
You can use this mark on your advertising, publicity literature and stationery. The minimum height of the outer rectangle is 25mm, and of the inner rectangle is 20mm, for all materials. For A4 materials the maximum height of the outer rectangle shall be 37mm, and of the inner rectangle 30mm (which may be increased proportionally for larger paper sizes.).
In exceptional circumstances, the size may be reduced, for example, for reasons of space limitations, or cost, but the marks shall remain legible, with no infilling.
You can only reproduce this mark in one colour; this should be the predominant ink colour of the document or letterhead. It can only be used in a set configuration as shown below.

Misuse of the mark
The mark can’t be used on company buildings, flags, vehicles, or on any other product, even those designed for promotional purposes. The mark relates to

the approval of your quality management system. So it can’t be used on any document or packaging that may imply that LRQA has approved the product or service, including certificates.
The mark must only be used in relation to those aspects of your company’s product or services covered by the scope of your approval, and in relation to the locations  referenced on your certificate. You can’t use the UKAS mark independently of the LRQA mark.
Correct use of the mark is a contractual obligation. Therefore, careless or knowing misuse of the mark, or if no action is taken by a customer after attention is drawn to innocent misuse, can be grounds for withdrawal of the LRQA certificate. LRQA monitors the use of the mark during surveillance and certificate renewal visits.
If your company’s approval is withdrawn, you must stop using the mark and withdraw any material carrying it. Continued use of the mark in such circumstances will result in legal action being taken by LRQA.

If the mark changes
If the mark is changed, LRQA will advise you on the action to be taken.

Further help
If you would like any further guidance please contact your local office. Alternatively,
phone our Technical Helpdesk on: +44 (0)24 7688 2359 or 0800 900012 (within the UK).